Washed Out


Doug Fir Lounge Portland, Oregon


April, 30th 2012


                Ernest Greene AKA Washed Out is part of the lo-fi chillwave movement that has been sweeping across the nation and world.  Washed Out has put out two killer albums in the past two years (Life of Leisure and Within and Without) that are perfect for hanging at the beach with the cronies. Washed Out signed with Sub Pop records in April 2012; before he was producing the music right out of his own house, in Perry, Georgia. Opening for Washed Out was MemoryHouse; another Sub Pop records band, that have an airy dream pop sound.  

MemoryHouse Played a friendly set, warming the crowd for what was soon to be a stage filled with flashing lights, vibrant colors and the chilling sounds of Washed Out. The venue was at full capacity when Washed Out made it onto stage. Ernest Greene was accompanied by wife Blair Sexton Greene and two musicians playing drums and bass. Ernest and Blair played at two different audio-work stations that were equipped with sequencers, chaos pads and midi controllers.  Providing fans with an even better show of their lo-fi sound; the bassist and drummer played solely analog creating a live feeling that stirred within the crowd. Hadn’t they had such back up to their computerized melodies the show might have lacked such an authentic feel.

 All in all Washed Out played an awesome set, with work from both albums. During one of the songs Ernest and Blair played off her synth station. For a couple of other songs guitarist Evan Abeele from MemoryHouse joined Washed Out on stage and slayed it on his guitar. Washed Out played two versions of the song “Feel It All Around” probably his most notable pieces of work. This song was featured on Portlandia, a lame ass TV show that tries to depict Portland lifestyles which all the east coast kooks and hipsters thrive on. The original version of the song was at regular beat, when the encore version was slowed down, washed out and distorted; the yuppsters didn’t even know what Washed Out was playing.



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