After another solid nights sleep, some lucky enough to score beds, the rest of us still happy to wake up on the couch, the road crew of Privett, Foy and Dcon again made their way out of North Beach in the trusty truck, this time heading towards the Mission.

      The first order of the day was food for some, coffee for others, but we were all in agreeance that we needed fuel and needed it fast. No strangers to the Mission, we decided on a burrito spot that would serve all our needs and dove headfirst into the one of SF’s greatest pastimes and one we all hold close to our hearts; eating. Once we were fueled up, we had a short commute down the street to our first stop of the day, Mission Skateboards.

Mission skateshop open sesame

      Tucked into the heart of the Mission on 24th St. and right around the corner from Potrero Skatepark, Mission Skateboards is the perfect shop to hit up if you need anything to skate, be it the park or the never ending city streets. Even surrounded by the big city, the shop has a super local feel to it, catering to the young kids at the park every day just as much as the older crowd. With a lot on our plate for the day, we said adios to the Mission Skateshop guys and headed across the Bay Bridge towards Berkeley.

      Berkeley has a solid skatepark thats built on top of an old toxic waste disposal site. It was even closed down for a short period of time because their were toxins leaking out of the cracks. Regardless of the sketchy past, the park is safe to skate again and a must stop if you’re cruising on I-80 through the Bay. South of the park on Berkeleys famed Telegraph Ave sits 510, one of the best shops in the Bay, period. Always good guys working there and they do a lot to support the local scene, a stand up shop for sure.

      From Berkeley we grabbed some food and headed over the 24 into Lafayette to check out Milosport. Everyone that works at Milo is a friend of Heckler and they too do a lot to keep the skaters in the East Bay stoked. Itching to get skating again, we cruised down to the Moraga park at the suggestion of the Milo guys and got to rolling while some sort of outdoor jazz festival was kicking off in the adjacent park. While the smooth sounds of horns echoed off the concrete, we swerved around the trannies, dodging the scooters, bikes, rad dads and prepubescent children that all too commonly in the way at skateparks in suburbia. Regardless of the scene, the park was awesome and anyone finding themselves in the Moraga area should give it a roll.

      Maybe the music in the park brought out the wierdos, or maybe thats just how it is, but with a rooftop party calling our names back in The City, we packed our shit up and headed back towards North Beach, never ones to miss out on any sort of festivities.

      We made it back to SF to catch the sunset, some food and much needed cold beers after a long day out in the sun. The birthday party got started on the roof and then rolled into the adjacent bars as things began to get blurry. After such a grueling schedule over the last few weeks, everyone needed a full night on the town to blow off some steam and this turned into the perfect opportunity. The party lasted well into the night, and even into the next day or two for some of us. Like I said, things got a little blurry. Never ones to turn down party, and finally in city surrounded by potential party, the boys gave it their all and came out unscathed a day or so later. The details got lost in the mix, and their may or may not be some photos to refresh some memories, but SF was the perfect place to get everyone amped on skating again, especially when everyone emerged from the fog and realized how much good skating was right around every corner.

Check out these shops if around the area.. skating or just need some fresh gear they’ll hook ya up..


Next day after Bday party….

Opps sorry bout that…. Wait did I just apologize for partying.. 

Like a boss! I Love SF… We’ll just leave the rest up to your imagination… 


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