With at least a good portion of the partying out of systems we headed across the city to the Haight, home of all the hippies, crazies and FTC. By this point we lost Jason Privett to the lure of the mountains, Lake Tahoe and the easy life; Priv will be missed, but the show goes on.

      FTC might be an acronym of For The City, it might be Fuck The Cops or it could have a few other meanings. Regardless of how you interpret the name, FTC is the most legitimate shop in San Francisco and has had the backs of every skater in the bay since the glory days of EMB and they continue to carry on this legacy today.

      Once got to to FTC we were greeted with open arms by founder and owner, Kent Uyehara. He gave us a brief history of the shop, showed us some of the awesome art pieces and classic skateboards gracing the walls and then passed us on to Ando Caulfield, FTC’s video man, marketing guy and skate team manager. Fresh off a month long filming trip with the team in Barcelona, Ando was a little jet lagged, but happy to work it off and take us skating around the city for a little bit.

Just the tip of some of the amazing board art gracing the walls of FTC

      Just a couple blocks and a quick skate from FTC is one of SF’s new pseudo skate parks, Waller St. With just a few marble ledges, a flat bar and a jersey barrier, its not a full on park, but its perfect to work on your ledge game and warm up to hit the streets. We were also lucky enough to meet Robin Baker there, a skater on FTC’s team and all around awesome guy. We sessioned Waller for a couple hours with the locals and kids, enjoying the shade of Golden Gate park and the relative mellowness of the spot compared to all the concrete monoliths we had been skating. Robin and others tore the spot apart as we got reaccustomed to ledges and flatground but had a good time dorking around enjoying the city.

Robbin silently killing the ledges at Waller st.

      Being a weekday afternoon, both Ando and Robin agreed that pretty much every street spot was a total bust. I guess security has been on a tear lately and weekends and nights are really the only times to fully hit all the good spots, especially in the financial and downtown areas. Security be damned, there was one spot across town on the outskirts of the Mission.

      A chill little plaza that has a couple big marble ledges, the Mariposa St. spot is perfect for getting some good lines and cruising around with the homies. The ledges are actually pretty famous, they used to be on Market Street in Downtown, but after a remodel of the building they were once outside of, they were scrapped in a yard until a group recycled them and some other discarded stuff to make a new plaza in an underutilized zone. Lucky for the skaters, the ledges remained completely skateable and are no longer a bust.

Bet you couldn’t tell its instagram photo.. Mariposa spot.

      Robin and the guys went to work on the ledges with Foy eventually filming some sick lines once Robin got warmed up. It felt good to get out and skate some actual street spots after so many days spent in the parks and super inspiring to see someone skating the streets so well. We kicked back and talked shit with the guys for a while and then called it a wrap, hopped in the truck and dropped them back off at FTC. We had it in the back of our heads to make it down to Santa Cruz before dark to get a surf in to close out the day.

      A quick drive down the scenic Highway 1 made the exit from The City easy and soon enough we were in SC at our buddy Jeremy Carlsons house, suited up and ready to hit the water. The waves weren’t exactly firing, but it was the perfect end to the week and start of our next leg of the trip. Carlson got all the waves, Foy got a few, Dcon flailed around in the water catching one or two here and there and JP almost died bodysurfing. Should have gotten on a board brah! Dark settled in on us and we paddled back in, headed up to Carlsons and kicked back, tired after a long day on the streets and in the water.

Foy making the best of the small surf.

Our buddy Travis Payne aka T-Payne (middle) linked up with us for some shredding too.

      Santa Cruz would be our home base for the next few days as we had a lot of ground to cover, spots to check out, people to meet up with and waves to catch. We all went to sleep talking about waking up early for a dawn patrol session, but with this crew, we all knew that would never happen.

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